Muhammad Bin Abd Al-Wahhaab and the Claim of Takfir of the Muslim Masses - Part 3: Takfir Based Upon Mere Absence of Obedience
Posted by Abu.Iyaad on Monday, August, 22 2011 and filed under Takfir of Muslim Masses

Shaykh Ibn Abd al-Wahhaab said (7/60):

وكذلك تمويهه على الطغام بأن ابن عبد الوهاب يقول: الذي ما يدخل تحت طاعتي كافر، ونقول: سبحانك هذا بهتان عظيم! بل نشهد الله على ما يعلمه من قلوبنا، بأن من عمل بالتوحيد، وتبرأ من الشرك وأهله، فهو المسلم في أي زمان وأي مكان. وإنما نكفّر مَن أشرك بالله في إلهيته، بعد ما نبين له الحجة على بطلان الشرك.

And likewise, his distortion upon the common people that Ibn Abd al-Wahhaab says, "Whoever does not come under my obedience is a disbeliever." And we say: Sublime are you (O Lord), this is a mighty slander! Rather, we call Allaah to witness over what he knows from our hearts that whoever acts upon Tawhid and frees himself from Shirk and its people, then he is a Muslim in whatever time and place (he maybe in). But we make takfir of the one who associates partners with Allaah in his Ilaayhiyyah, after we have made clear to him the proof for the futility of Shirk.


From the claims spread by his adversaries was that Ibn Abd al-Wahhaab demands obedience to himself and whoever falls outside of his obedience is a disbeliever. He clarified this and in other places that worship is only for Allaah alone, and loyalty is to Allah and His Messenger and any person in any time or place, who is upon this, is a Muslim and the only obedience due upon him is what Allah and His Messenger have obligated, such as to the Messenger (sallallaahy alayhi wasallam) and to one's parents, and to the ruler in that which is good. But they spread this claim because they wanted to make it appear to the common people that he was trying to demand loyalty to himself. This type of intellectual terrorism was used because they could not find fault with what he actually called to, which is singling out Allaah with worship, relying upon Him alone, and soliciting benefit, repulsion of harm and intercession from Him alone.